Welcome to Nature-based Ocean and Atmospheric Cooling!

We believe that
   •   Net Zero won't be achieved in time to avoid disaster.
   •   Without cooling, cascading tipping points will occur in the next decade or so.
   •   Sunlight reflection methods (SRM) provide powerful cooling.
   •   SRM could buy the time needed for Net Zero to be achieved.
Our Approach
Our approach derives from the work of several, online climate discussion groups, comprising researchers, inventors, students, media, finance and business folk,
  who have concluded that the current climate strategy is back-to-front and requires urgent and substantial modification. Apart from some recent publications and linkages, this website is being designed to provide agency to our mentation. We hope that readers will provide guidance to make it better serve humanity’s now-desperate needs.
Study our solutions here.
Selected References for Direct Climate Cooling (DCC):
  Accelerating climate disruption and the strategy to reduce, remove and repair 1.5°C Gone Without Climate Intervention – So What's the Plan? – Anni Pokela, Operaatio Arktis
  Why we need to re-brighten the planet

Contact: info@noac.info